$100 Gas Card Program (through PRC)

In order to receive a $100 gas card you must meet each of the four criteria listed below:

Must be eligible for food assistance or Healthy Start/Healthy Families or Transitional Medicaid

Must have a child 18 or under in the home

Must be employed

Must have a vehicle or transportation available to drive or be driven to work



How often can I receive a gas card?

Clients who meet the eligibility requirements above can receive one $100 gas card every 6 months while this program lasts.

When do I apply?

Applications are given to clients in four instances:

(1)  Redetermination interviews for food assistance and/or medicaid eligibility

(2)  Intake interviews for food assistance and/or medicaid

(3)  When a change in employment has been reported and verified

(4)  Other changes at the discretion of the agency Director or Eligibility Referral Supervisor