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Front Desk 373-9771
Judy Rutherford 373-7694
Chris Buchanan 374-7687
Admin/Fiscal 374-7692
Social Services 373-9790


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The Washington County Department of Job and Family Services provides many support functions for our community. Feel free to contact any of our agency staff listed below. You can email them by clicking on their name below or call (740) 373-5513. To receive a reply when you email, you must include the following information: SSN or Case Number, Full Name and Phone Number.

If you are employed and are unable to meet with a caseworker during normal business hours please call us at (740) 373-5513.


Contact Information

Flite Freimann Agency Director
Kelly Bauerbach S/S Supervisor
Michelle Brown Training Supervisor
Chris Buchanan Supervisor
Ruth Burdette Fiscal Officer
Joseph Jones MIS Specialist
Mashellda Gibbs Investigator
Julie Glover Case Worker
Autumn Green Clerical
Deanna Green Social Services
Mary Lou Griffin Case Worker
Kerry Grimm Case Worker
Jessica Hill Clerical
Debi Humphries Clerical Specialist
Matt Joy Case Worker
Monique Kildow Case Worker
Monica Kinnett Case Worker
Kendra Landaker Case Worker
Paula Lang Fiscal
Stephanie Canfield Social Services
Dawn Lucas Office Manager
Jenna Williams Case Worker
Victoria Masters Clerical
Peggy McElfresh Case Worker
Candy Nelson Supervisor II
Sherri Nolen Case Worker
Nicole Bowling Case Worker
Amy Heiss Clerical
Brenda Robinson Case Worker
Judy Rutherford Supervisor
Alisha Lass Case Worker
Teresa Smith Clerical
Vikki Stalnaker Clerical
Jan Stollar Case Worker
Jennie Strickler Clerical
Amanda Sutphin Fiscal
Lisa Terry Case Worker
Laura Adams Education Employment Specialist
Leslie Vandine Clerical
Anita Vaughan Social Services
Lynn Wallace Case Worker
Trish Ward Case Worker
Chuck Wise Maintenance Worker

If you are not sure whom to contact please call (740) 373-5513 or e-mail info@wcdjfs.org and you will be referred to the right person to assist you.